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Potato Onion Series Part 3: Harvesting and Curing

Here is my second to last video in the series on potato onions.  Once these bulbs are cured, they go on ebay August 15th under the Paleotechnics account.  The next video will be on cooking with them.

Potato Onions Part 2: Planting and Culture

This is installment number two on growing, storing and eating potato onions.  All of this is pretty much covered in writing elsewhere, and then some.  Here is a link to posts tagged with Potato Onion if you want to know a lot more.  I'm playing around with logo/branding ideas, just trying this one on for size.  The concept is basically kid-with-a-stick which is kind of the genesis of what it's all about to me.  And honestly, I think in a lot of ways part of me will always be a kid with a stick!  Let's hope so anyway.  It's brushed with some ink I made from soot (lampblack) and hide glue.  I'm not much of an artist, but I actually think I like the unpolished effect here and I like doing all my own illustrating with homemade art materials.  I'm also liking the black and white color scheme.  Now I'm looking into making my own fonts.  Yes, you can do that!  The point is to have an instantly recognizable look to all my thumbnails and stuff, so no matter how small or buried in other content they are, I'll stand out instantly.  Feel free to comment.  I like input and constructive criticism, because the way I perceive what I do is not the same as how you guys perceive it and you're doing most of the perceiving!  Cheers!