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How to Clean Out a Horizonatally Drilled Spring or Well

This under 4 minute video is about cleaning my horizontally drilled spring.  The spring was drilled into the hillside at least 30 feet at a slight upward angle long before I moved here.  The first ten feet of pipe are solid and the rest is perforated to allow water to seep in.  When I moved here, it only ran about 1/2 gallon per minute all year, but the owner said he thought it used to run more in the winter time.  I called the local driller and he told me how to clean it.  Once cleaned, the spring gushed 10 gallons a minute for hours as it let off the built up pressure, which it does now every time I clean it.  They often will slow down over a long period of time.  One of our neighbors actually drilled a new well because they thought their horizontally drilled spring was just drying up and didn't know that it could be cleaned out.  Mine needs to be cleaned about once every year or two.  This time it was nearly clogged to the point of going dry while the previous two years it didn't need cleaning at all, maybe because of the drought?  With all the rain we're getting this year, the drought, worst in most people's memory, is over.  Yay for water!  If this spring wasn't here, I probably wouldn't be either.

The first time I cleaned the spring.  I was surprised and pretty happy!

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