Homestead Life Episode 2: A day on the Homestead

Just a day on the homestead running around doing stuff.  It is basically spring here already this year and I had a lot going on, so I thought I'd try this experiment out.  The pace is less frantic than some of my other videos, on purpose.  It's still cut fairly tight with some good bits of information here and there, though that isn't really isn't why I made it.

After receiving some comments referencing reality shows, I'm kind of thinking in that direction a little bit.  I'm the type of person they contact for reality or re-enactment type shows and some of my friends have been on them or contacted about it like George Michaud, Cody Lundin and Tom Oar.  My ex and I were approached about being on Wifeswap a couple of times, ha!  I'm not likely to be interested as those are often very skewed and the subject may have little control over how it's all done once the footage is shot and it hits the editing room.  When we shot a brain tanning segment for Modern Marvels (season 13 episode 9) their whole attitude was basically "is it good TV?" accuracy was not really much of a consideration.  A lot can be done in editing and even an awesome and authentic person, like Cody Lundin on Dual Survival, can be diluted by the fake drama and manipulation of directors, producers and editors.  My other homie Wylie Woods has been trying to get something together for a while with various producers and keeps getting jerked around and cancelled and told he can do it how he wants, but then maybe not so much.  Screw that.  I have potential access to millions of people who are hungry for something authentic and I can do it any way I want.  Someone commented that I could have my own reality TV show.  Well I do, and here it is!  I'm sure I'll get better at it, but I think the production and even some of the content is secondary to authenticity in this type of thing.  So, basically I'll interject some lifestyle/day in the life stuff sprinkled in with the down to the nitty gritty how to stuff and projects and all with occasional thought viruses, the transmission of which is why I'm here as much as anything... to influence the way people think about and perceive the world and what is possible.