Acorns for Tanning Leather? Lets Find Out

I've been fairly determined to get out a video every week, but lately I'm not able to pull off much.  I'd actually like to be doing two to three a week and some more in depth stuff than I've been doing, as well as shredding out some longer blog posts that have been on the back burner, but my health has been going downhill all month with, among other things, some really persistent and heavy brain fog that doesn't allow me to write anything substantial or basically be creative at all.  Today was a real adventure in total brain melt.  For much of the day I was having spastic motions doing weird repetitive thoughts and vocal stuff and repetitive hand and body movements like you see autistic kids do, just milder.  I was just barely making it from one simple thought to the next and I can tell you they were by and large not good thoughts.  Seriously bizarre stuff.  I felt like a crazy person.  I made a video explaining what is going on and I was not looking too hot and was not able to speak properly some of the time, with stuttering and slurred speach.  My best guess is that it's something like neurotoxicity from some powerful metal detox stuff I'm doing right now.  I'm feeling relatively much better this evening.   So, this 2 minute video is all I could pull off during this past week.  Kinda weak, but visually interesting and with cute pig images.  At least I pulled something off.

When I moved here to Turkeysong, I knew I couldn't really pull this homesteading project off in the state I was in, and I still can't.  I also can't really do what I've set out to do with this site or the rest of my publishing and internet presence.  It is all contingent on me getting back my health and my ability to function consistently.  I'm always gambling on that.  Until then I will fail to really thrive or maintain any momentum, because my life pretty much grinds to a halt on a regular basis.  But I'm not screwing around here.  This is what I do and I'll do it till I sink with the fucking ship!  \m/(>.<)\m/  (thanks Erica for the best emoticon ever!)   I can only keep researching and experimenting on myself to figure a way out of this mess.  In the meantime, I'll just try to keep a trickle of information flowing.  I thank you for your support and patience.  Viva Skillonia!

Posted on September 25, 2015 .