Turkeysong, the Year in Chickens 2012

Chickens have been a constant source of amusement here for the past year and a half or more.  We have been testing out various breeds and just seeing how chickens might or might not integrate into the homestead.  We are learning a lot, but the main product so far has been entertainment!  More on chickens later, but here are a few frozen moments from our year of Chickens.  brrrrrraaaaaaauuk. How many speckled sussex?

tonia with a Speckled Sussex.

Speckled Sussex Chick.

baby Buckeye chicken.  Buckeyes are a very rare heritage breed that we are trying out here.  They are alleged to be good foragers, curious and are supposed to emit a dinosaur like raor

Buffy the Bug Slayer being narcissistic?

tonia and buffy, the biggest and the smallest TLA...  tonia is a sebright bantam and Buffy was a Buff Orpington.

Buffy and tonia's eggs begin hatching...

hatching seabuffs.

Checking out a new sibling.

tonia giving the warning fluff.

awww, too cute to leave out.

Speckled Sussi growing up.

Rondo makes the cut as new head rooster.  Still hoping he develops more personality though...

Buffy wears a bra.  He somehow got bra over his head while sticking it somewhere it didn't belong.  We had to rescue him because he was running around terrified.  Or was that just a ruse?

Not amused.  It used to be quiet around here.

So that's our year in Chickens.  It would be great to hear anyone's experiences with free ranging chickens.  We don't have a dog, or fencing, so we've lost quite a few, but they sure are happy running around all over the place scratching the place up.  The eggs are great too from all those bugs and plants they eat.