Product and book reviews

I get all fired up about products, excited about good ones and pissed off about bad ones.  My reviews will tend to be hard hitting and critical, but also probably gushing and extremely positive when I really like something that solves a problem for me.

You will notice that all reviews come with my best assessment of who should and shouldn't buy certain things.  I abhor excessive consumption and this site is as much about sentiments like reducing consumption, doing more for yourself and being more resourceful, as it is about anything else.  Personally I try to look for reasons to not buy things rather than the other way around.  But then we can't make everything and we all need a few good products.

Where possible I will include affiliate links so that I'll make some money off of any purchases you make due to my reviews.  This is a great way for me to make some passive income without putting advertising all over the place, which none of us like, and which I hope to avoid as much as possible.