Philosophy, opinions and stuff of a mental nature (some of it probably very mental! :P )

While I'm inclined to do some eye rolling about people sitting around excessively debating arm chair philosophy, I do think that our philosophies and world views have everything to do with how we engage the world, what we chose to do, how we treat other people and ultimately reflect in all the parts of our lives.  Swimming against the social current like I have for my whole life, requires a fairly strong core of ideas, but I do not spend a lot of time actually thinking about philosophy.  I find that these ideas best evolve at their own pace over time in the context of a practical life.  Basically if it isn't somehow relative to my life and the problems that I have to solve, then I think this stuff is boring and usually not that relevant.  Over time, I've come up with a few basic principals and philosophic points that I think are useful and interesting, though philosophy, like everything else, should be a work in progress.

Coming when I have time...

Everyone is wrong

We aren't that smart!

Don't get too comfortable

Context is everything

Information is not knowledge