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Two More Lame Hatchets, Council Camp Axe and Vaughn Sportsman's Axe

A short overview of two hatchets I bought to check out.  I don't like either one.  The council tool hatchet has potential, but it is far from useable out of the box.  Given that it needs a lot of work just to function properly, I think a better option is to acquire a quality vintage head to put a new handle on.  I doubt I'll acquire any more hatchets to review, because I'm pretty sure the head that I want is not going to come with the handle that I want, so they will all need modification anyway.  I'll concentrate my hatchet related stuff on making and putting on handles and modifications, and maybe some stuff on using them..  Hatchets are an essential tool to me and I'm somewhat disturbed that I can't find anything to recommend that is really first rate out of the box.  I know it's been a total axe-and-hatchet-fest lately, but I'll get onto some other stuff soon.  Just thinking about and using axes a lot, so it's what I've been up to lately.  I just hit 2/3rds of a cord on my cordwood project.  I'm now back on schedule to finish my cord by or before June 1st!