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Chopping Off 31 Years of Dreadlocks, Some of My History and Punk Influences

A few days ago I shaved off all my hair off after having it cut last in a swamp in Florida with a swiss army knife on my 20th birthday by my then 36 year old girlfriend.  Turns out that my new girlfriend was born that year lol.  One pretty consistent thing about me is I do what I want and screw all ya'll if you don't like it!  This is mostly about Punk and how it influenced me to live differently and ultimately pursue self reliance related things.  Also, about what it was like to run around with dreadlocks when white people very rarely had them and most people still didn't know what they were.  It was an exercise in cultivating the ability to be articulate and disarming.  Here's to Steven version 7.0 which will probably go through revisions pretty rapidly.

Posted on July 21, 2018 .