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Check out the new Paleotechnics blog

When I started this blog I was going to throw everything together under one roof from music reviews to opinions, to primitive stuff, to how-to homesteading stuff.  I like that idea because it represents my life and thoughts as a diversified whole.  However, I realize that a lot of people who want to read about chickens and fruit trees might not want to read about the best heavy metal band ever, or other random topics.  I’ll probably be keeping this blog pretty focused on homesteady stuff, with suffusions of opinion and philosophy as they are relevant to how and why I do things.  For now, less related opinions and over arching philosophies will take a seat on the back burner.  I was also not too sure about writing about some of the primitive stuff I do. I’ve decided to open another blog for Paleotechnics.  The Paleotechnics blog will be for the paleo stuff,  I've been involved with for 25 years or so.  Some topics will include, wild foods, tanning and leather working, fire by friction, learning plants, natural glues and paints, fire topics, stone tools and stuff like that.  I already have over 125 potential topics lined out.  The format will be shorter than the Turkeysong blog for the most part.  I’m going to try to keep posts short and less comprehensive.  The shorter approach is partly due to the fact that I can only spend so much time on the computer, but also because I plan to (or in some cases already have done) write in much greater depth about many of these topics in the future.  It will be difficult to decide where to put an article occasionally.  In those cases, I will cross post things like tanning skins that might be of interest to Turkeysong followers.  The first Paleotechnics post is up if you want to check it out.  It is on harvesting, storing and using California bay nuts.

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