New Seedling Apples, EIGHT years later! Late October 2019

Eight long years late after starting my first batch of apples from seed using controlled cross pollination, I’m finally getting a lot of fruit to try. In this post I have some video footage of taste testing. I hope to pull off a post soon with photos and notes on the most promising seedling apples to date. I’d say this is probably the peak, but there are earlier and later apples that are already gone or not yet ripe. Enough are worth watching and testing further to be encouraged. I also have quite a few that could be good parents for entering the second generation of breeding, which given how long these have taken, I’d like to get underway!

I will not be releasing any of these varieties this year. I will assess them for a year or more, then decide about distribution, naming and anything like that. I may however have pollen and even seed. Those will be available on the website in mid to late winter. The best way to find out about seed, pollen and scion sales is to watch my social media Instagram @skillcult ( ). Facebook SkillCult . I don’t keep track of any requests, because I get way too many. Here are videos, parts 1 & 2 of going through the trial rows taste testing.

Posted on November 1, 2019 .