Turning Green Wood and Minimalist Wood Working

I have been negligent in posting projects here on my blog.  I post stuff here, but I rarely get any feedback, so my brain thinks I'm just dumping content into a void.  I know that isn't true, but because there's no real feedback, I forget to do it at all sometimes.  It's also partly because I haven't done that manyvideos in the last month.  My old computer finally died too, but I'm back online now and ready to do some cool stuff.  Here are the last few videos I've done.

The first video is project updates.  Mostly projects I've done content on, that need updating or were never finished.


This one is on doing some minimalist woodworking using just a knife and a hatchet.  This was an offshoot of another two part video project on scraping wood with knives.  That whole project was lost in my computer crash, so I'll have to reshoot and re-edit it, but it will be really cool and useful.  It's more exciting than it sounds lol.


This video is a lot of wood turning on my lathe with talking points and some killer heavy old school dub.  I'm just putting away a bunch of wood to use later for making handles and such.  Soon I'll be turning a large batch of awl handles.

Posted on August 17, 2017 .