A Farewell to Spring

This Spring I would go out now and again in the morning or evening and shoot a little bit of footage of whatever interesting things I'd run across.  This is a 4 minute video of that stuff.  No talking, not much text, just a bunch of flowers, noisy birds in the background and the occasional ubiquitous chicken.  Summer is entirely different there than spring.  Most of the birds have left for greener pastures leaving the obnoxious Stellar's Jays behind.  A few tough native grasses will stay partly green through the summer, and the rest is seared brown by the several heat waves we've already been through.  When I go walking my shoelaces and pants pick up burrs and grass seeds and my heart jumps whenever I smell smoke.  I think I appreciate spring more and more everyday, but contrast is good and the other seasons have their perks, like no ticks, or juicy tomatoes, tor ime to rest and reflect.  Anyway, farewell to spring and hopefully we'll all see many more.

Posted on July 2, 2017 .