10,000 YouTube Subscribers!

I just hit 10,000 YouTube subscribers.  Lets hope the next 10,000 come a lot faster than the first 10,000.  I needed to thank and say hi to a few people, so I took the opportunity to do that.  First my supporters on Patreon who've helped me get by these last months when YouTube ad revenue took a nose dive.  I'm starting to get more from people using my amazon links but it, like ad revenue off my videos, is highly variable, while Patreon is steady.  I also said hi to a few YouTubers.  Some links to them down below.  Thank you to all the people that watch, read and share my content.  Onward to 100,000!

The Essential Craftsman on YouTube sold my channel pretty hard to his audience in this video, and I picked up a lot of subs in just a few days.  He's a great guy with a lot of very useful skills.

David the Good has plugged me so many times I can't even remember.  He lives over at SurvivalGardener.com and on youtube as David the GoodThis video he made with his sister totally cracks me up.

And Buckin' Billy Ray Smith who mentioned me recently and I just wanted to say hi and give him some props for being authentic.