Giant Leek Project Part II, Planting the Seedlings

It's time to plant my leek seedlings.  It's a little bit late, but then again, I've noticed that if I plant them later, they seem to be less likely to suffer from rust, a fungal infection.  That may be a coincidence, but I'm going on the working assumption that it's not, so it's not really too late, though it's getting on.  For people in colder climates, it is getting rather late.  I grow them through the entire winter, but they are only so hardy and will begin to suffer some damage if they see temps below about 20 degrees for very long (that's a guestimate BTW, don't take those numbers literally).  I'll revisit this project sometime later in the season.  I still have leek starts in the store.  It is probably too late to grow very big leeks in cold weather climates without protection,but if you're usually above 20 degrees F, you can just grow them on through the winter. 

Posted on May 6, 2016 .