Leek Starts and Apple Pollen

When I shot the giant leek project video, I accidentally planted some of my older seed, so I can't use those plants and had to re-sow using 2014 seed.  There is nothing wrong with the starts, they are just a generation behind as far as my selections go.  The germination was excellent, and they are nice healthy looking little guys. I'm all out of the newer 2014 seed, but, now I have a flat of these leek seedlings that I can sell. They are in the store and probably available for a few weeks.  They will be dug as ordered, washed, bundled in groups of 50 to 100, trimmed and shipped.  4.00 for 50 or 7.00 for 100  See those here...

I also put up some varietal apple pollen just as an experiment to see if people might be interested in acquiring some pollen from the varieties that I use in breeding.  Cross pollination is easy enough.  Here is my video on making pollinations for breeding.

That's all.

Posted on April 9, 2016 .