The Pet Lime Kiln Burn, Written Version

I made it to 1000!  1062 YouTube subscribers and counting! :)

I did a written instructable on the Pet straw/clay kiln and lime burn.  As of writing this, it is already closing in on 2500 views!  I put this whole lime kiln project together to enter a contest over there called brave the elements, which is for projects dealing with, or taking advantage of, the four elements.  If you’d like to read a written version of the lime kiln and lime burning project, visit instructables, where you can also vote for my project at the top of the page.  The grand prize is a go pro action cam that I could really use.  I worry about my cameras and all the stuff they are exposed to, so more of them is better!  Plus this is an action cam, so I can put it on a silly helmet and run around doing stuff like chopping up trees or climbing them, or hunting or whatever.  Seems almost essential for some of the stuff I plan to do.


Posted on January 24, 2016 .