Deer Hide Ruined by Bad Skinning Job

Nothing super edifying this week, just a very short video I shot last week.  This is a classic example of what happens to deer skins.  This is not at all uncommon, though it is on the worse end of the spectrum.  This hide is basically useless for anything but making glue.  Not only is the skin ruined, but it took more effort and time to ruin it this badly than if it were skinned properly.  Even if the knife was used, and the hide were left with cut marks, there is a strategy to open out the sides then pull the back off.  That's how you'll see a pro game processor do it if they don't want the skin, because it's really fast.  The sides are cut, but the middle of the hide, besides the neck, is free of cut marks.  Still not that useful to a tanner, but at least not super duper slow either.  I'm also reposting my video on skinning here too.  

I was just tooling around youtube looking at sinew removal videos.  Hardly anyone knows what the hell they are doing.  Be leery of the information you consume.  Information is not knowledge.  Make that your mantra for a little while and the truth of it becomes very apparent.  I feel an obligation to get good information out there.  Literally hundreds of thousands of people are being mis-educated, or maybe less well educated than they could be, about this stuff on youtube.  One guy, a tv personality, with over 300,000 youtube subscribers (I have 191 subs) has a terrible video on removing backstrap sinew from deer.  It's a real hack job.  ugh.  It's fine to be ignorant, we're all ignorant, but don't make a video on it like you know what you're talking about.  For goodness sake, please help me reach more people!  arrghhh....  I'm going to grab Grandpa's rifle now and go look for a buck to shoot.  I need meat, but I REALLY need to make a video on how to process deer legs properly!

Posted on September 12, 2015 .